Bonobos: Awesome Fitting Trousers

I LOVE fashionable men. Lately, I've been spending lots of time in the Men's Department shopping for suits, trousers, and shirts with my husband...I also LOVE a great Fall sale (it seems when I buy clothes, I buy 1 piece at a time, when my husband shops it's practically for the whole year!) The one thing I keep noticing is the way pants fit or don't fit my husband. They're either too tight to be comfortable (European styles) or too baggy to look good (saggy diaper-butt dad look is more like it). Until I read about BONOBOS.

Bonobos was created in 2007 by Brian Spaly and Andy Dunn while they were roommates at Stanford Business School.

As legend has it, Brian began altering pants for himself using a girlfriend's sewing machine until Brian and Andy's friends liked the pants so much that they demanded pairs of their own.

Their Signature Fit has a had a large role in their success, but they don't just make better fitting pants—they also provide a far better experience as well.

Bonobos is an internet based company offering free shipping, easy returns, and customer service they refer to as expert "Ninjas." Starting this October you'll be able to visit the Bonobos Fit Lab, headquartered in Manhattan, is a unique retail space/Man Cave filled with all of your favorite things—pants and polos, of course, but also beer, snacks, and two giant TVs with the full NFL package.

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