Fashion Obsession: Cuvee Chic and Alexander Wang

Cuvee Chic

Lately I've been inspired by the music set list on my sister's blog over at Cuvee Chic. I seem to keep playing it over and over again while I cook, clean, redecorate, and entertain. Music, decor, and travel has such an impact of what I visually imagine as stylish. A song can take me away to another place far far away and my imagination is able to run wild. For this post, I want to share how I think a Cuvee Chic girl would dress and the space she would inhabit.
I just love the look of Alexander Wang's bedroom with the simple, clean, and sleek white furniture mixed with acrylic lamps with graphic black shades, deep purple Louis Chairs, a brown fur throw blanket, white hides for rugs, and the pop of pink flowers. "Tres Cuvee Chic!"

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Chelsea said...

I love the shout outs! Alexander Wang's rooms are EXACTLY what a Cuvée Chic girl would choose for her own boudoir. The heart of Cuvée Chic is really the 1st V in Vanessa and Valentine.

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