I bought this instead...

After researching, shopping, and swooning over Michele watches I decided to go with the first designer that originally sparked my fancy of wanting a big gold watch - Michael Kors. I couldn't quite make up my mind between the tank-style face (like the Michele) or a round face. In the end it was easy: I found this one on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $89.99 marked down from $250! Trends come and go and right now I am obsessed with gold, but who knows how I will feel 6 months from now??? Without investing too much, I absolutely love the big style and bold statement of a gold mens watch!


Eat your MILK

Last night I tasted the most mouth watering, unusually delicious piece of cake I have ever had! It was Blue Velvet cake from Los Angeles bake shop MILK. It was so good my husband and I drove from Brentwood to West Hollywood today to buy a piece for ourselves to share! We used to live only a few blocks away from this little shop on Beverly Blvd., next to El Coyote, owned by The Patina Group, and never once did we stop in to sample the baked goods! If you are in the neighborhood, I highly suggest you sample this decadent sinfulness of cake! Opening soon: MILK at the Malibu Country Mart!

Ice Cream Parlor
Bake Shop


Fashion Obsession: Cuvee Chic and Alexander Wang

Cuvee Chic

Lately I've been inspired by the music set list on my sister's blog over at Cuvee Chic. I seem to keep playing it over and over again while I cook, clean, redecorate, and entertain. Music, decor, and travel has such an impact of what I visually imagine as stylish. A song can take me away to another place far far away and my imagination is able to run wild. For this post, I want to share how I think a Cuvee Chic girl would dress and the space she would inhabit.
I just love the look of Alexander Wang's bedroom with the simple, clean, and sleek white furniture mixed with acrylic lamps with graphic black shades, deep purple Louis Chairs, a brown fur throw blanket, white hides for rugs, and the pop of pink flowers. "Tres Cuvee Chic!"


I want this

Deco Gold watch by Michele

or better yet this
Deco Diamond Bracelet watch by Michele.


dinner last night

This year, I have been making the most of working with what I have. Creating something out of nothing. Rummaging through what I already own, and re-inventing it. Challenging myself to create, create, and create! Of course, food, is another story. When I was a fully employed Sales Specialist, pounding the pavement (Hospitality design firms in my case), I didn't think twice about spending $40 at "Whole Paycheck" only to walk in my front door with a brown bag carrying a good bottle of red wine, a pungent cheese, and some crackers. Voila! dinner is served. I am a self-proclaimed foodie, epicurean, and lover of good, clean, tasty meals. Cooking relaxes me, teaches me patience, and every time I try something new, I really do get better. For me it's not only about the food, it's the experience. It's the people that come to my table, to share conversation, to laugh, to kick back, and to relax. My favorite part of my day is by far, cooking up a tasty meal for my man!

I had 2 chicken breasts in the freezer, a lemon and a head of garlic in the fridge, and ground pepper, coarse sea salt, and garlic powder in my spice drawer. I tendered and marinated the chicken for 5 hours then baked at 350 for 25 minutes. Then, I found a box of couscous in my pantry and a half used carton of chicken broth in my fridge and made Greek style couscous. I chopped 2 stalks of celery, 1/2 a leftover red onion (from the weekend), added dried cranberries, and sundried tomatoes. It was simple, homemade, fresh, healthy, cost effective, and my husband and I both enjoyed it while watching our latest tuesday night guilty pleasure "Miami Social" on Bravo.

What are you enjoying this summer?
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