We're married!!!

We did it...and we did it our way!!! A picture is worth a thousand words, and by the expressions on our faces you can just picture the sheer happiness, love, and joy that my husband and I shared on our wedding day! It may sound cliche, but it truly was the best day of my life (so far)!

...We're off to Maui for a honeymoon in paradise, for some much needed lounging in the sun on the beach, sipping mai tais, and eating dessert every night!!!

My mom had peacock feathers on her dress! She's quite the fashionista!
I wore my mom's veil, that we had re-worked and re-designed to be 2 parts (a long one for the ceremony, and a blusher to be kept on at the reception). My dressmaker was able to make a bolero to wear during the ceremony. I wanted a look reminiscent of an italian bride.
Surrounded by my older sister Dulcena (to the left) and my younger sister Chelsea (to the right) and all my best friends I have known since 7th grade.

All the little details...I love old fashioned candy and just had to have a candy bar in lieu of take home gifts.

The Ketubah with our monogram on it

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