Amateur Hour

I'll be sitting this New Year's Eve out: There will be no crazy clubs, international DJs, taxi lines, DUI check points, and amateur partiers ruining my NYE. (and I sure won't have a red plastic cup in my hand like the one in the lower left corner of the pic below - hehehe)
Instead, I'm off to the desert to get my pool and spa time on! But don't you worry, there will definitely be a champagne glass in my hand at midnight, and some Blackjack being played at the Indian Casino! Bing Crosby's here we come! Have a Happy New Year!

The JW Marriott spa - where I'll be chillin'
Mr. Parker's - where you're "good to go!"


She did it again!

Spotted! My favorite fashionable cool chick Christine Centenera at Milan Fashion Week. How comfy do those pants look!!?? I'm still trying to get my hands on a pair of those SunG's!
Blazer: Joseph
Top: Bassike
Pants: Lui Hon
Shoes: YSL
Sunglasses: Super Future


Happy Birthday Bro!!!

Today is the day my big brother JCT celebrates being 35 years young! This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of him totally stylin' at my wedding in March 2009. He's like a fine wine, he gets better with age...to health and happiness on your special day!


To Do List: Create a Heavenly Bed

This Hanukkah and Christmas (as my husband and I refer to as Chrismukkah in our house) we were very blessed by our beyond generous families with lots of gifts cards to our favorite stores. We've both decided that we want to create a Heavenly Bed, like the ones in our favorite boutique hotels, complete with super plush pillow top mattresses, goose down pillows, and high thread count sheets. Our cheap Target sheets and flattened pillow purchases just aren't cutting it anymore, and since we work so hard, I want to create a tranquil and plush bed that we won't want to leave. After some research on how to create the ultimate Heavenly Bed here's what's on the list of things to buy:

1. You must start with a high-quality firm mattress, which was the first big purchase we made together as a couple.

This is a soft layer of down designed to lie on top of the mattress to make it softer and more comfortable.

3. Next is a decent mattress pad, which we have. Its main purpose is to protect the bed from dust, spills, and stains, but some mattress pads are also filled with down or polyfill which adds another layer of softness.

4. Sheets. For a super soft luxury bed, you'll need one fitted sheet and 2 flat sheets. This sounds excessive, but remember, this is going to be a Heavenly Bed. Buy the best quality sheets you can. I'm trying to find a high thread count, because the higher the number, the softer the sheets. I prefer white sheets, always. I wash them often and usually have a few pairs in rotation and love the super clean look of crisp white sheets.

5. Next is a blanket. For the luxury bed, choose down or a down alternative blanket with 100% cotton cover in a high thread count. A down blanket makes your bed plush and cushy without a lot of weight. I'm choosing mine in white, I just love the ease of white!

6. Next on the list is a duvet. A duvet is a soft flat bag enclosing a quilt or poly insert. This will be our comforter, the top layer of the bed.

I just love the look of this Italian Hotel Satin Stitch in black duvet at Restoration Hardware. It's very crisp, clean, neutral, and the perfect combination of masculine and feminine and I can easily accent throw pillows with this design.

I'm thinking of ordering just 1 boudoir accent pillow with our monogram JSV on it. I love the look of monograms, but used very subtly. I don't want to see letters all over our sheets!

To complete the super soft bed, I'm going to buy 4 king sized pillows (covered in plain white pillow cases) and 2 King Euro Shams (covered in the Italian Hotel Satin Stitch in black shams).

8. A Faux Fur Throw in Frosted Taupe from Pottery Barn. I saw this on sale for $99 and had to have it, so I used a gift card, you can't beat free shipping and avoiding long lines! I think this throw will be the perfect accent to break up the white bedding and it works nicely with the black stitching.

9. To pull it all together this white tufted bed will work just fine. If you've been reading my blog, you will understand my desire to buy a white tufted bed. The bed frame will have to wait a little while longer, but a girl can dream.

...Now for the rest of bedroom re-do, here's what's on the boards:
I love the look and clean lines of this mirrored night stand and if I was to purchase, I would buy 2 to balance the bed. The mirrored finish breaks up the white from the bed and adds a little glamour to the room.

Here's the night stand look a la this picture above! Simply stunning, modern, glamorous, yet classic. I know I won't get tired of these!

I'm thinking this white Malm 6-drawer dresser from IKEA would be perfect for my husband (and I like the $149 price tag too!) It has a modern look, which would be perfectly balanced with my tall antique oak dresser that was passed down to me from my mom. I could see a 50" flat screen TV mounted above it as the perfect accessory for my husband to enjoy!

To dress up the plain white dresser, I found these clear crystal Prism Knobs at Anthropologie that would really make the dresser pop and look more expensive!

The final (dreaming now) touch will be a chinoiserie wallpaper like this one, used as the back drop on 1 accent wall where our bed is. I have a vanity like this one that fits perfectly with the rest of the design inspiration elements. But, since I rent my apartment, I think I will use some dark charcoal grey paint to really make all the white and mirrored accents stand out - I just love anything that is black and white!


Happy Birthday Eddie T!

This is dedicated to my Father, who is a Christmas Baby, and always finds time to spoil us kids (and the Grand Babies) with the most fabulous gifts on "his day" and in return we do the same for him! Here's to you Dad, on your day, may all your birthday wishes come true and 2010 be a healthy, happy, and prosperous year for all!


Christmas Decor Inspiration: Cranberries

Make a turkey and cranberry panini with your leftovers that's oozing with savory, sweet, and tart flavors.
Cranberry chutney and cream cheese makes the perfect topping for holiday party nibbles.
Cranberry martinis anyone?

Freeze cranberries in ice cubes for festive bottles and buckets!
Sugar covered cranberries looks like freshly fallen snow. If you're like me and live in LA where it's pretty much sunny year round, this is the perfect way to bring the winter feeling into your home for the holidays.

If my last name started with a "W" this cranberry covered cardboard would look perfect!

The Body Shop sells these beautiful red cranberry candles that smell amazing! I just love how red candles look especially in a dimly lit room.


Pretty Perfumes

It's that time of year again when perfume gift sets are in abundance at my favorite department stores. Take a peek at the prettiest bottles yet! Better yet, next time your at the counter, give yourself a spritz or two and have fun! There's nothing more transforming than a seductive scent to bring out your better self!
Chanel No. 5, need I say more??!!
Try any of Tom Ford's many scents laced with musk, tobacco, and vanilla.
Jo Malone is always a classic! I just love her rose and citrus fragrances.

I have Versace Crystal Noir in my own personal collection, the bottle looks beautiful on my dressing table, but the scent is to die for! I always get compliments on this one.


Winter Wonderland

Every time I see a white Christmas tree (also known as flocked...that word always makes me crack up) I make a secret promise to myself that my next tree will be white! When the time finally arrives, my husband and I are usually in such a hurry to get everything done that I forget about the flocked tree, until I see one and get green with envy. Emily over at Perfectly Put Together recently showed these gorgeous pics of the perfect white tree!
Again, I just can't get enough of the brightly colored pastel ornaments dazzling in the white tree, they truly pop! I'm also seeing a trend here of beautiful wreaths with big bows hanging from antique gold mirrors...just lovely! Doesn't this room just make you want to drink hot toddies with your best girlfriends, open gifts, and gab!!?? I'm dreaming of a living room like this right now...the perfect winter wonderland!


Happy Christmas

I admire honesty...
Location: Crescent Heights and Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA


Thirsty Thursdays: Peppermint Stick Martini

How could you not want to sip on this, or at least pretend! It's so pretty and festive!

1 peppermint stick, crushed
1 1/2 ounces vodka
1 ounce peppermint schnapps
1 ounce Triple Sec
1 small candy cane

Moisten the rim of a chilled martini glass and dip the wet rim into the pummeled peppermint. Combine the vodka, schnapps, Triple Sec and ice in a cocktail shaker.

Shake it like Santa knows you've been bad. Carefully strain the mix into the martini glass and garnish with the candy cane. Ho ho ho and away we go!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I just love the holidays! I look forward to playing Christmas carols 24-7 once Thanksgiving arrives! On my to do list this week: get the Christmas cards out by thursday, so they arrive over the weekend (I can't tell you how excited I am this year for our card! It turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself!), Saturday we are buying the tree and trimming it with eggnogs in hand, I started my shopping and I am in search of Greek Key ribbon like the one below to wrap all the presents.

Over at Annechovie this summer, she displayed the photo above with this gift wrap and I immediately fell in love with how simple and chic the ribbon looks. I am going to wrap my gifts in plain old brown paper and finish it off with this trim - if I am lucky and can find some - wish me luck on my search this weekend!

I have a gold mirror just like this one. I think the hanging wreath looks so pretty in the reflection. I am inspired to create a vignette just like this over my mirrored buffet. Also, seriously considering painting the walls this shade of Robin's Egg Blue - I am always so inspired by this shade of blue and during the holidays, it's so peaceful with white and gold accents.
A crystal chandelier with glass balls suddenly becomes more festive and very French (ooh la la)! Again, I'm drawn to the pastels instead of the traditional green and red. For me, Christmas is about family, and channeling your child, and everything magical of what can and should be. Here's to getting your holiday on!


Happy Birthday Josh!

Today my husband turns another year older and we've done our fair share of celebrating over the last 4 days to ring it in right! Here's to a wonderful birthday my Love and to many more to come! Cheers!


Fancy Lady Watch Wednesday

If you've been reading my blog, you will know that I have been dreaming of owning a Michele Watch for sometime now. I first wanted the Deco, then I thought I liked the Deco Park Baguette, but over the weekend after trying on styles at Nordies I realized The Coquette and I are made for each other! I've been dropping hints to my hubby that it would make the perfect 1st Anniversary gift! But then today at work, after an 11 hour day, I said to myself, "I'm going to reward myself when I earn a couple of bonuses." Working hard to buy yourself something that you truly love is the best motivation!


Pretty Little Things: Elizabeth Showers

I'm literally speechless after viewing Jan's daughter, Elizabeth Showers, jewelry line! If you were to look in my jewelry box, you would see countless turquoise pieces that I started collecting in my teens.
From the Native American pieces I picked up on a trip to New Mexico in the 80s, to the countless pieces purchased while in college at the University of Arizona (The Tucson Gem Show is more like it), to the aqua turquoise from Northern Morocco that I purchased in Ibiza, you will understand my deep admiration of this gem.
As I've matured and my tastes and styles have changed, so has my preference for turquoise. The older I've gotten, the more light aqua blue I prefer it to be. I am really favoring it set in gold these days. I used to not care for gold, but I just can't seem to get enough of it. I think it takes a certain personality to wear gold, someone not afraid to really wear jewelry and stand out in the crowd. Gold can look so delicate and on the right skin tone, really make one's self sparkle!

Elizabeth's line is utterly perfect! The jewels, gems, and metals are blended so beautifully it would be hard for any of her pieces to go unnoticed.
Like her mother's line of furniture and accessories, I see many similar qualities in their design aesthetics. Elizabeth's pieces remind me of Jan's lamps, translated perfectly to dress up and put the final touches and details that are sure to make an impression.
I'm so enamored of this aqua marine color! My Christmas wish list is screaming out for one of these little baubles.

My favorite thing about Elizabeth Showers line is that everything can be layered, mixed in with your existing jewelry, go from day to night, jeans to gowns, dressed up or dressed down. For me, that is good design at it's finest.

The energy this necklace is exudes is almost magical. It is said that turquoise has many calming qualities and those who wear it give off good energy. I can just imagine wearing this one with the perfect white tank, white jeans, and brown leather sandals, running around town in L.A. I think I am going to start saving for this one.
I'll choose beautiful jewelry, and beautiful pieces over clothes any day. In the end, jewelry tells a story, conjures up memories, and can be passed down for years to come. For me, jewelry is personal and is the connection to one's soul.

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