I don't leave home without it.

The best gift I received for Christmas was a huge bottle of Chanel's Gardenia that is now discontinued!!! It looks so pretty in the center of a big tray on my vanity!


April in Paris

My fiance and I have been throwing ideas back and forth for our honeymoon and my dream is a few days in Paris, followed by the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I first visited Paris with my sister a few years ago, and have been longing to return with my love ever since.

I'm thinking we could dine at the Cafe de Flore, since the song is the inspiration for our wedding. I just want to sit at one of the sidewalk tables, sipping fine wine, and smoking cigarettes like the French do. I hear the food is fantastic and it's been a hangout for writer's and intellectuals for years.

Another must do is an Eiffel Tower picnic. There's nothing more magical than taking a basket of meats, cheeses, dark chocolates, and a bottle of champagne to enjoy at sunset, just before the lights flash on the Eiffel Tower like fireworks!!!

....and I want a strong espresso to wash down my Nutella Crepes...

...and we have to hit the Paris Flea Markets to find a chaise inspired by these! The aqua and pinks would work well in any setting with modern accents to create a vintage feel.


Bride's Processional: Cafe de Flore by Matthew Herbert

The first time I heard "Cafe de Flore" it evoked romance, great depths of love and passion, a rose garden, smells of perfume, fine wine, and simply, Paris. This will be the song to carry me down the aisle on my wedding day. Music has always taken me to far away places and has been the soundtrack to my life. For this event, I want to remember the day forever, I want to play this song and know that it's our song. I am not drawn to traditional wedding processionals that I have heard over and over at weddings, it's too generic. It's the little things like music that make the first impression, sets the tone and mood, for what's to come next.

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