Pretty in Pinks!

The Vogue cover for September 2004, is one of my favorites! It's the inspiration piece for my bridesmaid dresses. The end result is like a bouquet of flowers, all monochromatic, unique, individual, and completely feminine.


A proposal to remember...

On a weekend getaway to my favorite city by the bay, my boyfriend and I checked into The Clift Hotel. I had a feeling what this weekend was all about, but didn't want to get my hopes up just in case it didn't happen. After a day of sipping wine at the Ferry Building with my best friend Laura who lives in the city, my boyfriend said we better get going so we could make our dinner reservation. A town car was waiting for us, with a bottle of Veuve in the ice bucket and some French House music bumpin'! My how my boyfriend has learned quickly of my favorite things! To the Top of the Mark we went, a place that I remember fondly from my childhood Thanksgiving vacations my family spent each year in the city. More bubbly was to follow and the more giggly the 2 of us became. I was in heaven, literally, the heaven that is in the fog, overlooking the city lights and the bay on a summer evening in San Francisco. "Vanessa, will you marry me?" is what he said as he was on one-knee, right there in the middle of the jovial and jazz filled restaurant. "Of course, yes!!!" is all I remember!

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